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Durham Downtown - March 2014-278.jpg

High School Senior Portraits


High School Senior Portraits

A unique and fun experience where you can be a model for a day. We plan your special day with a lot of attention to your own personality, so your images are one of a kind and truly reflect who you are

Preparing for your session

So you have no idea about what to wear, what style of makeup or a theme for your session? No worries! we will work together as a team, and design the perfect session for you.


  • Have you ever desired to be in a real studio and shoot magazine style?
  • How about going outdoors and look for some cool locations around town?
  • Are you interested in sports? How about rocking your session with a high powered athlete look?

No matter what is it that you have in mind, let's work together to make it happen! Let's shoot with your friends, pets or your brand new (or not so much) car.


  • Once you book a Senior Portrait session with Rodrigo Mancilla Photography, we will help you with ideas for your session. 
  • Check out our HS Senior Magazine for ideas and recommendations..

Hair and Makeup

  • Are you interested in going crazy and release your inner high fashion model? No problem!
  • Rodrigo Mancilla Photography works with a team of licensed Hair & Makeup Artists that can take care of everything in order to enjoy a great experience.
  • Worried about skin conditions? We understand ... seriously we do. Our HS Senior Portrait Magazine provides tips and recommendations to help minimize issues the day of your session.
  • Scars, blotchy skin, etc? No problem. When you book our session with Us, we will go through every single detail you would like some help with. Rodrigo Mancilla is an advanced retoucher and has trained for years with some of the best of this industry.

Why should you work with Rodrigo Mancilla Photography?

We offer our clients more than just an amazing product that is truly second to none, but also a fun and relaxing experience. We don’t just photograph people, we coach them and most importantly, we also learn from them since every person is different and every headshot requirement is unique. We want our customers to see us as a marketing partner so we strive towards offering the best experience even after the session is over.

The process is constantly evolving to ensure that no two headshots are exactly the same. We look at things differently. This is not just a photograph this is your personal logo. It has to stand out in crowd, it has to say “I’m the one”, and it has to be an honest representation of who you are. We are authentic in what we do and we believe that what we do makes a difference.